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Disguised sausages :))

Disguised sausages :))

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We slice the chicken breast thinly like a snail and beat it.

We wrap in each piece of chicken breast a piece of sausage and roll,

We obtain the roll thus obtained through the beaten egg as for the omelette with salt powder. Then we pass through the flour, again through the egg and at the end we will roll through the breadcrumbs.

Fry in hot oil.

With Medi in the kitchen

The holidays also come with traditions and customs not only with parties, fun and rich meals. In general, these traditional heritages are kept in the countryside with sanctity by the elders of the places and are passed on with much love and openness to children or & # 8220 youth & # 8221.
Every region of our beautiful country has well-rooted folk customs and traditions and which are more spectacular. I always liked to spend my holidays at my parents' house, where carolers from all over the country came to tell us about the joy of Christmas or New Year. of their games and songs. There is no greater joy in the soul of any Romanian reconciled with traditional values ​​than that of the holy and special evenings over the year.
Traditions focus on carols, rich and specific food, but also other habits that not even time can pass. These remain unchanged from year to year, from generation to generation. On New Year's Eve, people come from afar with the Big Plow or the Small Plow. I think we have all heard: Ah, ah children and brothers / Stay a little and do not eat / Join the oxen join / And listen to my word / Tomorrow the year is coming / The plow starts / And begins to hate / Around the houses to Carol.
While the fire smells in the fireplace, and the housewife prepares the meatball or the cold, the children and the father are eagerly waiting to hear another plow and another plow. From fog to fog, the spirit of the New Year seems to embrace you even more. Others go with the goat and dance on your & # 8220Ta, your kid & # 8221 until you feel like you want to be in their place. Deer and Bear also enter the mask games. I remember that last year at this time I was at Cheile Dambovicioarei and I received for the first time a fog that had come with the Bear. The game, the song and the image of the snowflakes, made us all there to appreciate more and more the Romanian values. I must admit, however, that I was a bit behind the door, because they were too disguised.
In addition, on New Year's Eve you can also listen to Ziurel de Ziua, Florile Dalbe and of course Sorcova. the joy of the New Year. We throw abundantly in their house and leave with a peaceful heart. I prepared barley, wheat, rice and threw over the hosts as a sign of gratitude and desire for abundance for their home in the coming year.
In addition, if you are close to even more traditional areas, you will have the opportunity to see the groups with Brezaia or Turca. All these events aim to wish the hosts a happy new year, with many dishes chosen on the table, with money, happiness , good harvest and much more.
The priest goes from house to house after the New Year to bring light and faith to everyone's hearts. In addition, on New Year's Eve there are other customs just as dear to me. After midnight, the housewives bring the ravase pie to the table. The joy gradually increases or decreases as everyone reads their prediction for the new year. had an ox or a vine the following year.
Also for the New Year there is the custom of kissing under the mistletoe. Choose a rich, flowering, green mistletoe and place it in the middle of the room, hanging. At midnight, those who kiss under the mistletoe will be together all next year. The same is said about those who are together at the New Year's party. Who you are celebrating New Year's Eve will be with you all next year. And something more modern: don't forget the fireworks! Good will is mandatory and the New Year will be better, fuller for everyone!
On New Year's Eve you have to wear new clothes and definitely something red! In addition, any wish you make at midnight will be fulfilled if you have a pure heart!
I wish you a fairy-tale New Year: carefree, beautiful, warm, bright and full of joys and wishes fulfilled.


Happy birthday and good health!

For the Holy Holidays
Four cheerful haters
I wish you :
Plenty in the house
The tastiest bread,
Few debts
In that year, I entered.
Peace in the heart, rich fruit
Joy, pure thought,
From your house
The good does not come out.

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